Moving toward the future

Moving toward the future

Members and stakeholders of IAEI have recognized that the world has changed in the decades since our association was formed. Input provided by members over the past few years resulted in the responsive Vision 2021 strategic plan that was announced last year, showing that the International Board of Directors heard your message and would respond to enable all members to have an active voice in IAEI.

Tomorrow’s inspectors will come from our younger members and professional electricians. Enabling younger members, electrical professionals who have not yet joined, and our supportive industry partners to feel connected to and appreciated by the Association will be key to our associations’ long-term strength and our ability to fulfill our mission.

The Board recently approved policy changes to implement important first steps to enact this vision across the organization, including:

  • refresh the IAEI vision and mission to reflect that we value both enforcement of electrical safety and the carrying out of safe and compliant installations
  • a broadening of who may be elected to and vote as part of the International leadership team and board of directors
  • a restructuring of the membership categories, which will enable Sections and Chapters to likewise more easily implement such exciting changes in support of the ongoing strength of IAEI

As the new membership structure goes into effect this summer, members will notice the following changes in membership categories.

New individual membership categories

Inspectors and Associate members will become Professional members, a category open to all electrical professionals, with no change to membership cost. As renewals and new member forms go out, your paperwork will show “Professional member.” The organization will still internally track which members qualify as Inspectors, as the enforcer role is a requirement for participating on code panels and to hold one of the designated positions on the International Board of Directors.

Professional members may choose one of these
alternatives to the standard Professional membership:

  • Premier Professional, with premier benefits
  • Young Professional, which requires providing proof of age 35 or younger
  • Senior Professional, which requires ten (10) years of continuous membership in good standing and providing proof of age 65 or older.
  • Students may join for a one-year or three-year term, with proof of enrollment in a formal electrical education program (trade school, apprenticeship program, university, etc.)

Corporate membership categories

Corporate members of all types become Groups composed of quantity bundles of individual transferrable Professional memberships, starting at 5 members who are not section restricted, and will receive recognition as a Partner in relevant IAEI marketing. Sustaining members will become Group members plus a Sponsorship level of their choice.

The Inspection Agency category continues, with Professional membership for one Inspector, and receive recognition as a Partner in relevant IAEI marketing

Look for details about the updated membership categories in your renewal letters and on as revised materials are released in early June.

I speak with the Board when I say, it is our profound hope that all Professional members will support each other and contribute to the goal of keeping the public safe and to the success of the IAEI with their continued membership and active participation.

David Clements
David Clements is CEO/Executive Director of IAEI. He has been an active IAEI member at the local, section and national levels for more than twenty-five years. He served as international board member from 1995 until 2007 when he served as our 2007 international president. In 2010, he retired after twenty-nine years with Nova Scotia Power, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, as their chief electrical inspector. During his tenure as chief electrical inspector, he was a voting member on the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), Technical Committee on the Canadian Electrical Code, Part I, a member of the Regulatory Authority Committee and member of the Canadian Advisory Committee on Electrical Safety. He has served on NFPA Smart Grid Steering Committee, Electrical Infrastructure Training Program and is presently a member of the UL Electrical Council.