This procedure for troubleshooting open-circuit faults in the control circuit is designed to start in the middle of the problem area and give us the best idea of which direction to go. The control transformer is a good place to start since it is in the middle of the circuit and is part of the power and control circuits.

It is important that installers and inspectors have a working knowledge of electrical theory. Such knowledge is often vital in determining proper size of conductors for circuits of various loads.

Recent Internet searches have revealed that the term “earthing” appears far more frequently than “grounding.”  Does this indicate a usage transition from “grounding” to “earthing”?

The new 110.24 of the 2017 NEC requires service equipment to be marked with the maximum available fault current

One of the most fundamental calculations made on a power distribution system is that which yields available short-circuit current.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) recommended for arc flash is not always designed for arc-flash exposure.